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Best MagnetDL Proxy and Mirror Sites | MagnetDL Unblock

Torrent sites are quite popular among internet users who want to download the latest movies, tv shows, eBooks, software and many more for free. MagnetDL is one of the most used torrent sites for downloading torrent files. But due to copyright infringement, this site is blocked in several countries. As a result, many MagnetDL proxy sites doing the job of providing required magnetic links to users in those countries.

About MagnetDL

MagnetDL was made its appearance first in the year 2012. After that, it gradually became popular across the world and millions of users visit to download their require torrent files.

It has a clean and easy-to-use interface and a quick navigation bar that helps users to find their required files quickly. It hosts contents under categories like movies, music, software, games, eBooks and TV shows.

As its name suggests, it relied mostly on magnetic links than regular torrent files. You just need to navigate to the require section and search for the link that you want to download.

Thousands of people marked it as their favorite torrent site. However, it is still working properly but from a few months in several countries, users are not able to access this site.

After some research, we get to know that countries like USA, Italy, Malaysia, Portugal, India, China, and Australia have been blocked access to MagnetDL for hosting copy-righted contents.

This is a real worry of matter for its former users who relied on it for downloading the latest torrent files. Fortunately, there are some MagnetDL proxy and mirror sites are online who providing similar services like the original one for free.

10+ Top Working MagnetDL Proxy/Mirror Sites

The proxy and mirror sites are nothing but clones of the original site that host the same content database with a different domain name to avoid being detected and blocked by any government or ISPs.

You can download torrent files like movies, music, TV shows, Games, software, eBooks and many more from these proxy and mirror sites. Moreover, their database also regularly updates with the latest magnetic links by their staff and volunteers. So, you can also get your required torrent file from here.

MagnetDL Proxy/Mirror SitesStatusSpeed
MagnetDL Proxy 1OnlineVery Fast
MagnetDL Proxy 2OnlineVery Fast
MagnetDL Proxy 3OnlineVery Fast
MagnetDL Proxy 4OnlineVery Fast
MagnetDL Proxy 5OnlineVery Fast
MagnetDL Proxy 6OnlineVery Fast
MagnetDL Mirror 1OnlineVery Fast
MagnetDL Mirror 2OnlineVery Fast
MagnetDL Mirror 3OnlineVery Fast
MagnetDL Mirror 4OnlineVery Fast

Note:- If any of the above proxy/mirror sites don’t respond to you on the first attempt, don’t lose hope try again. In some of the listed proxy sites you need to enter the main MagnetDL URL i.e. and If the URL is already there, then just hit the Unblock button or click Enter from your Keyboard to get MagnetDL to unblock.

Is MagnetDL Down or Blocked?

Torrent sites generally host copy-righted contents for which they get banned in many countries by the ISPs. So, when you try to open these sites without any VPN or Proxy, the websites might not respond to you.

Apart from that other technical issues like DNS problem, DDoS attack, server maintenance, website update, bandwidth limits, etc. leads to slow down of the website.

However, technical issues can be resolved within hours, but if your government or ISP would have put a restriction on the website, it could be difficult to access. You can also learn some tricks on how to unblock websites easily in your country.

For testing purposes, we tried to open the official MagnetDL website i.e. through our trusted Nord VPN and able to access it comfortably. In case if you failed to access this site, you can check its status in whether it down or not.

Is MagnetDL Safe To Use?

Like any other MagnetDL user, this question might be stuck to your mind. Although accessing torrent sites is illegal and you may receive a warning for this from your ISP if you don’t hide your IP address through a reliable VPN.

Well, you can also follow some other tricks on how to hide your IP address completely to keep your internet activities out of the radar of your ISP. However, you can also use MagnetDL mirror sites to download your favorite torrent files without being noticed by your ISP (Internet Service Provider)

Some mischievous people also inject malware to the torrent files that they upload. If you download such files, your device will be affected and may show some uneasy responses.

So, before downloading any torrent file make sure to read all the previous reviews on that file to check whether it is healthy or not to download. Also, install a reliable antivirus in your device to prevent any type of malware attack.

How To Unblock MagnetDL

If you are living in a country where MagnetDL is banned by their government authorities and ISPs, then you can’t access it directly. But there are some easy methods that you can apply to get MagnetDL to unblock and download your required content easily.

Tor Browser

You may have heard about this browser, right? Tor (The Onion Router) is a free web browser that helps to mask your IP address so that your internet activities won’t be tracked by your ISP.

It works through a global network of nodes and tunnels your internet activities from one node to another. So, whenever you try to open a website through this browser, it hides your IP address under several networks of servers.

So, you can easily access the websites that are geo-restricted in your area without knowing your ISP.

Web Proxy

Web Proxy sites also help to unblock geo-restricted sites easily. When you use a proxy site, it hides your IP address and lets you access the website that you want.

You can find many wen proxy sites that you can use to get MagnetDL to unblock and access your required content easily.

Using VPN

VPN services are quite popular among torrent users and free movie streamers, as it is the most secure way to keep your internet activities from snooping, censorship and interference.

When you use a VPN service, it mask-up your IP address and makes it look like that you are browsing from somewhere else. As a result, you can easily access any site that is blocked in your country, including MagnetDL.

However, the VPN services are many in number, but our recommendation is to use the Nord VPN. It is one of the most trusted VPN services out there that offer secure streaming and torrenting with excellent connection speed.

It has over 5,500 servers across 60+ countries, so you will get a wide range of options to choose from where you want to access a website. Some other useful features are it supports six simultaneous device connections, special servers for P2P, dedicated IPs, double encryption, and many more.

So, don’t let your ISP to track any of your internet activities, protect it with Nord VPN now.

MagnetDL Alternatives

There are several good torrent sites are available that hosts the latest content to download. So, if MagnetDL failed to fulfill your needs, then you can try these alternatives to get your required file easily.

1. KickassTorrent

KAT is an excellent torrent site that hosts millions of torrent files and magnetic links under categories like movies, music, tv shows, apps, eBooks, and more.

KickassTorrents website

Its easy-to-use interface and organized content category will help you to find your required content quickly. However, due to piracy many government and ISPs have blocked access to this site. But you can use KAT proxy and mirror sites to unblock the restriction.

2. 1337X

This torrent site is one of the MagnetDL alternatives that offer high-quality torrent files across multiple categories like movies, music, tv shows, games, apps, eBooks, Anime and many more.

1337x website

The website has a clean and appealing user-interface which is very easy to use. It also has categories like Top 100 and Trending where you can find the latest popular content to download.


RARBG is a well-known torrent site where you can find almost all torrent files that you are looking for. But in some regions, it is blocked to access, but you can use RARBG proxy and Mirror sites to bypass the restriction.

RARBG website

This site is online for over a decade and has a huge fanbase across the world. Its database updates regularly as users upload torrent links to the latest content from time to time.

4. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is a big name in the BitTorrent segment. It has a huge library of torrent files across multiple categories. You will get all the torrent files that you are looking for to download.

The Pirate Bay website

It comes with an easy-to-use interface and quick navigation feature, which will help you to find your required file quickly. You can download the latest movies, music, episodes of tv shows, apps, eBooks, and many more.

5. Zooqle

This torrent site is not that popular like all other above MagnetDL alternatives but has a decent database of torrent files that will hardly disappoint you.

Zooqle website

For its rich collection of latest and popular eBooks, it is also regarded as one of the best Ebookee alternatives by many users. Here, you can also download movies, apps, games, tv shows, music, and many more.

Disclaimer: All of the above MagnetDL proxy/mirror links and alternatives are only for informational purposes. We don’t stimulate downloading copyrighted content from these sites.


There you have it all. We have listed all the working MagnetDL proxy and mirror sites that you can use to get MagnetDL unblock in your country. In case you won’t find any of your required torrent files in MagnetDL, then you can try the above-listed alternatives.

Although browsing torrent sites is illegal and your internet activities can be tracked through your IP address, which you wouldn’t like at all. So, to browse the internet anonymously and protect all your browsing data from being tracked, we recommend you use one of the most trusted VPN service, Nord VPN for complete protection.

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